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We have decided to stop offering information about Fantasy football due to the present legal situation. Fantasy football is currently in the cross hair of the US government. New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman have declared that Fantasy Football is illegal in New York state and order DaftKings and FanDuel to stop accepting bet from New Yorkers. A number of states such as Arizona, Iowa, Montana, and Washington have already outlawed fantasy football for money. We expect other states to follow suit and would not be surprised if the US DOJ raided the above mentioned companies. Illinois and New Jersey are currently evaluating the legality of fantasy football for money.

Fantasy Football was when we started this website considered to be legal since the operators claimed that it is a skill based game. Not a luck based game. Skill based games are exempt from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006. The states that are outlawing fantasy football are claiming that it is in fact a luck based game.

We will hence forth offer information on other forms of gambling that we think you might find equally entertaining. These types of gambling are not necessary more legal but are not within the current focus of the the government. We do however recommend that you make sure that any type of gambling that you partake in is legal where you live. We do not endorse illegal gambling.

We do not expect any legal action against anyone playing fantasy football but you as a gambler might get caught in the middle and loose your deposited money if the US government shut down FanDuel and DraftKings. In this case the DOJ might seize all accounts. We recommend that you keep as little money as possible in your accounts.

For more information on the risks of playing fantasy football we recommend that you read about how black Friday effected poker players when DOJ shut down a number of large poker sites. Some sites was able to get back to operation quickly while others was shut down for ever. Full Tilt Poker is a good example of a site where the gamblers did eventually get their money back but where they had to wait for a long time before they did.

Others types of gambling:

Skill based Games

Below we have listed a number of skill based games that you can choose to play. These games are games where you can consistently make money if you are a skilled, dedicated player. A game where the effect of luck can be eliminated over time. Please observe that the US government does not agree with us when we say that these are skilled based games. These games are regulated by UIGEA.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is the natural choice for any one who enjoy fantasy football but that want to try something else. Sport betting will rely on the same skill as fantasy football and you can still bet on the same weekly games. The key to success when you play fantasy football is to know as much as possible about football. The key to being successful in sports betting is the same. You need to know as much as possible about the games you bet on. You need to know more than the people setting the odds. If you do you can find games that offer great value. Below you can read more about our two favorite sport betting sites. Sport Betting online is illegal in many states.

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Online poker gives you access to millions of people to play against from all over the world. It is a good game to play where skill plays a large role and where you can make a lot of money if you are a skilled players. There are a large number of people that makes a living from playing online poker.

Most poker sites do not accept US players but it is possible to find sites that do. The poker rooms listed below are the two best poker rooms in the world. Neither of them accept US players.

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Luck based games

These are games that you can not beat no matter how skilled you are. The house will always maintain an edge.


Online casinos gives you access to a very large number of casino games. Most online casinos offer a larger selection of games than even the best offline casino. Many online casinos offer in excess of 500 different games. A large selection of these games are slots. If you play the right games and win the jackpot you can usually win more than $10 000 000 on a single spin.

Casino games will always give the casino an edge. If you are lucky you might win big but you can not consistently beat the games. Casino games are often very fun to play and should be seen as diversion, as an entertainment. Not as a way to make money.

There are a few online casinos that are licensed in Nevada.

Below you can read more about our favorite casinos. They accept players within EU but unfortunately not US players. See all European casinos at The website is in Swedish but you find a complete list of all casinos that are available in Europe.

See also where you find even more Norwegian casinos that you often not find in any other portal or country. Most of the Norwegian casinos can be played in English.

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Online bingo have helped make bingo popular again. It has done this by introducing new fun exciting types of bingo. Types that offer a lot of excitement in a short amount of time. Bingo is a good game for anyone who enjoy playing a game where they get to win often. Each win is usually rather small but you still get the joy of winning.